Gingerbread/ Имбирное печенье

recipe 6:41

Christmas Stollen/ Рождественский Штоллен

baking 21:37

alley snow

all 0:04

Food morning/ Субботний завтрак♥

all 20:24

Blue moustache

fashion 6:18

Pancakes/ Американские блинчики

all 8:38

stay warm inside

all 8:19

Head in red

fashion 9:19

Dr. Martens is love

all 4:39

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

cambridge 8:30

Tartan is everywhere

fashion 9:05

Count to three

fashion 0:01

4 hot lipsticks for this fall

beauty 10:33


book 0:13

Be with me and breathe me

beauty 8:18

green grass. red wine

beauty 5:36

Oatmeal cookies

recipe 8:43

Fall trends step by step: turtleneck jumper

fashion 23:05

Fall trends step by step: florals

fashion 9:06

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