Head in red


Я уже давно мечтала о вязаном свитере в цвете бургундий, и вот, совсем недавно ко мне пришел долгожданный заказ с romwe.com, в котором, в том числе, был этот прекрасный джемпер. Когда, я его примерила, то сразу же вспомнила про красный берет, который долго ждал своего часа в шкафу, и в моей голове сложился данный образ.

I felt in love with burgundy color long ago and since then I wanted to have a burgundy chunky jumper. Aaaand recently I had received a package from romwe.com, where was exactly what i want.When I tried it on I remembered that I have a beret which was waiting for this time.

I'm wearing:
Jumper- Romwe
Skirt- ASOS
Tights- Ganni


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  1. I do love your burgandy sweater...and the red beret looks so lovely on you....great idea to toy with two shades of red!

    wonderful skirt and boots...and as I said on lookbook, I really love your smile!


  2. wish it was could where I live so I could wear cute winter outfits like this! lovely <3

  3. Oh, you're snowed in already? You look super cute. I love the red details against whiteness of snow.


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